1. psychonaut

A person who intelligently experiments with mind-altering chemicles, sometimes to the extent of taking exact measurements and keeping records of experiences.

Just as every point on the surface of a sphere may be seen as the center of the surface, so every organ of the body and every being may be seen as its center and ruler.

Alan Watts

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The occultists teach that each and every mental or emotional state has its own distinctive rate of vibration, and that the secret of “emotional contagion” is due to the fact that similar vibrations are set up in the emotional nature of persons subjected to the influence of strong emotion in another person. All manifestations of thought, emotion, will, desire, or feeling, or any other mental state, are accompanied and caused by vibrations of a certain high rate, and that these vibrations tend to influence others in their field of “induction,” and tend to set up in the others similar vibrations. In this fact lies the secret of Mental Influence, Personal Magnetism, etc. A knowledge and mastery of the science of mental vibrations enables the skilled Rosicrucian to change the rate of his mental vibrations at will, and to thus maintain a state of mental calm and power, unaffected by the thought vibrations of those around him. — The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians by Magus Incognito [1918].

(Part XIII: The Seven Cosmic Principles)

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Ego is a social institution with no physical reality. The ego is simply your symbol of yourself. Just as the word “water” is a noise that symbolizes a certain liquid without being it, so too the idea of ego symbolizes the role you play, who you are, but it is not the same as your living organism. — Alan Watts
from our balcony <3

from our balcony <3